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Adult disabled mature totally free videochat

I don’t want to discuss it, and I want you to please stop bringing it up.

Thanks.” You don’t need to get into detail about what the health issue is (and really, it could be all kinds of things, from vision to epilepsy to fainting spells).

Occasionally my grandparents will be in the area and will drop me off at work/pick me up and Coworker always comments in a way implies I am spoiled.

I work really hard and to be written off as a child because of something out of my control really sucks. Do you feel comfortable saying that it’s health-related?

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However, I have one coworker who just won’t stop making comments about when I’m going to get my license.

Please stop raising it.” And if he still continues, know that at that point he’s being an outright asshole.

It’s possible that the remarks up until this point have just stemmed from his cluelessness, but if he continues on after you’ve directly and explicitly told him to stop, then this is about his own hang-ups and his own social maladjustment.

At 26, I am the youngest worker in my (small) office, though this is not my first professional post-college job.

For the most part I really enjoy what I do, have gotten really good feedback, and am friendly with the rest of the staff.

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It’s none of his business, and he’s going to look like an even bigger tool if he asks you.

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