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Camping heathfield sussex

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Horam Manor fishery is a nine water fishery located on the Horam Manor grounds just off the A267.

There are approximately 5-6 dirt-based swims of which 3 are flat and the other 2-3 are on a slight slope.

The fish in Banky Fork aren't too fussy, the carp enjoy luncheon meat, bread, dog biscuits and boilies and the match fish enjoy maggots, casters, lobworm, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread.

This water is very popular amongst fisherman due to the pond being located next to the car park, the cafe and the toilets.

Great Pond is packed with features including lilly pads, reeds, weed beds, an island and a few overhanging trees and bushes. The water has approximately 10-12 swims that are generally slightly sloped grass banks.

Features on this water include a number of overhanging trees and bushes and reed beds.

Banky Fork is one of the deeper waters on the Horam Manor complex with depths of upto 7 feet.

The water has got reeds in the margins and a number of overhanging trees and bushes on the far bank. There are approximately 6-8 swims that are flat grass banked pegs that are slightly raised from the waters edge.

If any of you have experienced the 'Sorry we are full ' statement when you roar up on your beloved Motorcycle, as you are classed as an extra out of The Wild One/ Easy Rider/Wild Angels and are about to tear up the land, terrorize the locals and leave the place in total disarray...

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Lagoon - a long, narrow 1 acre lake situated at the bottom of a field.

Clear Hedges - the largest lake on the complex offering 20 pegs.

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