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A significant number of members in the Church of God are Luo.Because of that, we also produce literature in their native language (see, for example, Wheche Manyien Mokor E Muma).

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures, 1999, article pages 1 & 3. tag=art Body;col1 viewed 11/04/08 ) Church of God has many members who are Luo Kenyan, who of course, are opposed to Barack Obama's positions on abortion, homosexuality, and certain other moral issues.

While I originally believed that Barack Obama was basically sincere and that he believes he is a well-meaning individual, I believe that he has taken actions that align with the fulfillment of certain end time prophecies. Well, by virtue of his timing, Barack Obama fulfilled many biblical prophecies, or at least implemented policies for many prophecies to be fulfilled.

Irrespective of possible Kenyan prophecies, the Bible itself warns that if the descendants of Israel sinned and did not repent, the following would happen: 43 The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower (Deuteronomy ).

Anyway, as mentioned before, Barack Obama’s father was a Luo Kenyan.

The Luo number in the millions are most live in the poorer western region of Kenya (some in Uganda and Tanzania as well).

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Kenya: Obama Thrills Crowd With Sauti Sol's Lipala Dance at State Dinner. And of course, his positions on abortion and homosexuality are wicked.

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