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One senior Scotland Yard officer said they cannot be 'absolutely certain' more of his weapons are not in the hands of Republican dissidents.

Commander Dean Hayden said there is no evidence he was 'deploying' the weapons, raising questions as to who he was supplying. And ended up in the hands of people, terrorists, that would have deployed them.'We have seen no evidence that suggests he was certainly making himself available for hire.'What we have seen, is we believe he was linked to violent dissident Republicans.

A spokesman said: ‘All security personnel are subject to security checking prior to employment and at regular intervals throughout their careers.’The 31-year-old, who is originally from Larne in Co Antrim and was with 40 Commando based at Norton Manor Camp in Taunton, Somerset, at the time of the offences, pleaded guilty to preparation of terrorist acts between January 2011 and August last year, possessing images of bank cards for fraud and possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Sweeney said: 'I'm sure that you were and will remain motivated by dissident republican sympathies and a hostility to the UK.' Father-of-one Maxwell had researched 300 potential police, government and military targets before his plot was foiled when members of the public stumbled across his weapons hides by chance, the court heard.

He was on the national database after his DNA was taken over another assault case, for which he wasn't prosecuted or convicted.

Maxwell, who was about to be promoted to Corporal when he was arrested, was at an advanced stage of his 'attack planning'.

He compiled maps, plans and lists of potential targets, as well as images of an adapted PSNI pass card and items of PSNI uniform, addresses of police officers, names of military staff, details of an MI5 member and of loyalists.

Questions have now been raised as to how someone with a background of Republican sympathies passed vetting for the Marines - as police admit it is likely that more of his bombs remain in the hands of senior Continuity IRA members.

Doug Beattie, a former Royal Irish Regiment captain who is now an Ulster Unionist Party politician, said: ‘We could have been looking at loss of life perpetrated at the hands of a serving soldier of the British military.‘If we don’t have a look at our security checks and how we vet people before they join the military, we’re going to have problems in the future.’The Royal Navy rejected suggestions there was a failure of vetting.

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His wi-fi password was 'tiocfaidh1', a derivation of the Irish republican phrase 'tiocfaidh ar la', or 'our day will come'.

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