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So while you may get paid very well to be an engineer in Norway, that does not mean that you won’t get paid equivalent or higher in another country…they just have the demand for it in Norway at the moment.3.I will most likely never make the same salary here that I would make in the US.And that doesn’t even account for the taxes or high cost of living here.I have future plans to road trip up the Atlantic highway in Norway all the way to Lofoten and you can bet that this will be the route I go for the majority of the trip.2.Salaries: I constantly hear from Norwegians, even when irrelevant to a conversation, “We are so lucky to get paid so well here…that is why everything is more expensive.” This is not always true.

Luckily, if you’re in Oslo, the Grønland markets can provide you with your foreign needs, at a lower price, and often, with better quality.Everyone is given a new tax card each year: They are supposed to come automatically, but sometimes you have to order them if you don’t receive them on time.What happens if you don’t turn yours in or are in between the processing of visas and can’t receive one until the visa processing is done? I am experiencing this right now and trust me, it is BRUTAL.My favorite grocery store here for quality is Centra…which I still find rotten food in, but less often than other ones.Don’t let Kiwi’s produce guarantee trick you into believing their quality is superior to any other store’s.

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But on a general note, if you can’t find it…before you go to extreme measures of trying to have a grocery store import it (which I have done), find out if it is even allowed in the country at all. Shipping products into Norway is no easy feat: Since Norway is not part of the EU, many places abroad won’t ship here.