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Motherways online dating

Signage may have been deliberately left out to avoid competing with Countess (below).Notes: Just a mile west of Solstice (above), this site is located on the A303 eastbound, but immediately after a roundabout and with a link back to it. In 2011, it received a thorough refurbishment as part of the Wonderfully British project, where it gained a Good To Go.A number of industrial units and restaurants can now be found around this junction, with a couple of 'services' signs pointing to the centre.

It was then demolished and replaced by a Happy Eater, which later became a Little Chef.Below is a list of all the signposted services on the A30 and A303.Forming a major route between London and the South West (Basingstoke and Hayle for the purposes of this list), these two roads have a long history in carrying holiday-makers, and as such have attracted a lot of facilities.At the back of the services is a fenced off area, which appears to have been an exit through to Gason Lane.The services come about two miles before another petrol station and former Welcome Break site at Camel Cross.

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