Not accommodating

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Not accommodating

If the faculty member agrees to provide accommodation “x” and not accommodation “y” and later the student maintains that he/she was not appropriately accommodated, it is the faculty member’s decision that is subject to question and the faculty member who could conceivably be held responsible for violating this student’s civil rights.

The faculty member who agrees to provide accommodations without institutional authorization for a student with one disability (for example, LD) but is less familiar and comfortable with another disability (for example, ADD) and sends that student back through channels for official documentation could be opening himself/herself up for charges of discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.

Personal Jeopardy Faculty members who work directly with students, discuss the disability, (possibly) look over the documentation, and agree to accommodation may be establishing themselves as the “gatekeepers” without meaning to do so.More distressing, however, is the possibility that the institution may be facing some very real difficulties if the disability services office determines that some of the accommodations that Professors A, B, and C provided were not warranted by the documentation and does not prescribe those same accommodations for Professor D to provide.Student Jeopardy Students with disabilities will still have those disabilities after they leave the postsecondary environment.Most faculty members in higher education today understand the legal and educational imperatives that mandate equal access to students with disabilities through academic accommodation.Sometimes, though, problems arise from faculty who are readily prepared to provide appropriate accommodation - it is their accommodating nature that can get them, the institution, and (sometimes) the student into trouble!

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Whether they choose to go on to graduate or professional school or seek a place in the world of work, chances are that if they needed accommodations to successfully function in higher education, they may need accommodation in their future endeavors as well.

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