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Tasarova (2006): Improved Elastic-Dislocation Modeling of GPS Data in South-Central Chile Using Constraints from a 3D Gravity Model, Eos Trans. Villaseñor, Ambient noise surface wave tomography across the Western Mediterranean and Southwestern Europe, Eos Trans. Suppl., Abstract S23A-0146, 2006, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 11-15, 2006, San Francisco, CA.

Magnetic characterisation of the tectonic domains in the Central Cordillera, Dominican Republic. XII Reunión Nacional de Cuaternario, Avila (2007), Libro de resúmenes, 131-132. Actividad tectónica durante la época medieval y romana en la Cuenca de Granada (La Falla de la Malaha). Geophysical Research Abstracts (European Geosciences Union). Terrestrial laser scaning for rockslope monitoring and joint orientation: the influence of the point density.

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“Geophysical and geodetical studies in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco: past, present and future perspectives”.

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