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Of course the truth is that salvation by faith in Jesus is written all over the Bible--God repeated the message of salvation over and over again throughout the scriptures, and that is what these little scripture cards are all about.

Now, I'll tell you what these "Jesus Cards" are not--they are not just scripture memory cards (although they will certainly help you memorize the Word of God! They are not an advertisement for a church (as so many tracts tend to be--unfortunately).

This tract contains a test and asks people to consider if they have been "good enough" to pass God's test to enter heaven.

Sin is real, but God is good and has given us salvation for all in Jesus Christ. here to download this tract "Is The Bible From God? Do you know that the Bible has had knowledge in it for centuries, that scientists have only recently discovered?This prophecy of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is profound and will lead people to Jesus.The opposite side of this tract is a God-given drawing, that depicts the cross and the crown of thorns--the blood of Jesus that saves us here to download this tract.................)--JOHN --IN PICTURES--(a wordless illustration of this important Bible verse--add your own words in any language) side side B ...........4 page Bible study tract is meant to minister to the stress and anxiety that life can bring. Do you know God's promise--which He will never break?It leads people to Jesus in a way that lets them know He can help them with their by clicking here .......... God's promise is eternal life through the Lord Jesus here to download this tract "Army"......... "It seems these days the church has got slack in their job as witnesses"......tract is meant to encourage every Christian to serve here to download this tract "What God has done for me, He will do for you! A true and real testimony about the miraculous change that Jesus Christ can do in a person's here to download this tract "All Hope Is Gone".......

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This tract is written in a conversational format and powerful to lead people to here to download this tract ........

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