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Serena brings Carter some ice, and learns that Ce Ce told him he would be going with Serena a few weeks prior - proving she was lying to make sure she went with who she deemed an "acceptable" suitor for awhile.

Carter appears next in The Age of Dissonance, when Chuck sees him on a date with a mysterious escort he met at a secret society named Elle.

Meanwhile, Chuck realizes Carter stole his prized baseball, that is worth lots of money.

He brings Elle to him, but is shocked to discover Carter is a member of the society as well.Carter makes his first appearance in Bad News Blair when he makes an appearance at Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald's Lost Weekend celebration.Nate is excited to see him, but Chuck is less than thrilled when he shows up.Serena becomes upset and Carter tells her he would have stayed around for her all summer but she ditched him and ran. However, Serena once again runs away and leaves a shirtless Carter with the stolen horses from the polo match., Chuck tells Rufus that Serena is hiding out at the Palace and is not going to Brown.As revenge, Serena calls Carter and asks him to go out with her later that night.

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When Dan finds out what she did, he tells Serena; who doesn't believe him.

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