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Sex pills online

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Also if women present these complaints, it is crucial to recognize the link between sexual dysfunction and the oral contraceptive, and not to attribute these complaints solely to psychological causes.” (For more information, contact Blackwell Publishing.) I certainly agree with Dr. Of course there are many causes of decreased sex drive.That’s why oral contraceptives (OCs), which ushered in the sexual revolution in the 1960s, are now used by more than 100 million women worldwide, many of whom love them and do well on it.But like most magic bullets, the pill definitely has a downside.The result is diminished sexual interest, sexual arousal, initiation of sexual activity, and also sexual enjoyment.Since I’ve seen this for years in many (but not all) patients on the pill, I was very happy to learn of this new research, which confirms that the pill’s effect on libido is “not all in a woman’s head!

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