Terrorist dating site

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Terrorist dating site

Choice vs Coincidence Plane crashes are not like terrorist attacks, however.

They are (generally) accidental, and therefore the date on which they occur is not chosen in advance.

The 22nd day of the month is statistically no more prone to attacks than any other day -- and even when terrorists do pick specific dates for "anniversary" attacks, what matters is the full date - a particular day in a particular month - and not just a particular day in any month.Mohammed and El-Hassan met on Single and jurors were told they "rapidly formed emotional attachment and a shared ideology" before sharing extremist videos.El-Hassan was said to have been well-aware of his plan after exchanging hundreds of Whats App messages and meeting in London.After he was arrested, police discovered he had downloaded manuals on how to make mobile phone detonators and ricin, a potent poison that can kill an adult with just a few grains.The court was told how Mohammed investigated making poison while working at a supermarket ready meals factory, in a job he used false documents to secure.

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Are terrorists timed for specific dates because they mark the anniversary of another attack or significant event.

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