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About my most recent stories I can tell you two things:1) I love writing crossovers and2) I prefer to write short stories and one-shots.Because I'm horrid at updating a story once my first writing burst about an idea has vanished.3) Except in the two cases where a wonderful reader made me fanart that I could use as cover image, I generally 'make' all my covers in Paint...A few other of my favourites are Whispers in Corners by esama (Harry Potter/Sherlock Crossover), The Hidden Life of Morino Ibiki » by Illegitimi (Naruto) and I See The Moon by hcti B-notso B (Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover).I also enjoy reading Time Travel stories, especially in the Naruto fandom.Then, after the first Lord of the Rings hit the cinemas, I read the books, the teenage fanfics, and ended up trying to write some epic Mary Sue-ish story myself.And because most of the fanfiction I read was in English, I decided to try writing my story in English as well.

I know it has literally been years since my last update, but I still don't count this story as abandoned yet!A fact that Monroe, Rosalee and Nick kept hidden from the ones drinking that second potion: Julliette and Renard. Of course, he's not exactly a Hexenbiest, so it doesn't have to be losing his powers. Or maybe the Hexenbiest part of him died, leaving only the Royal.You could even link it with the spell, or the purifcation potion both of them drank at one point.I am not going to write a disclaimer for each of my stories so this one should be enough to count for all of them: I do not own the characters, ideas and other aspects of my stories. Prompts/ideas up for adoption: Grimm: So, I've been re-watching Grimm and was hit my an idea/musing mid season 2: In episode 14?or somewhere around there, Nick has found out about Captain Renard, has gather everyone in the spice shop for the cure for the obsession spell.

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