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We are constantly asked about overclocking features and many new Intel BIOS contain a new feature called Overclocking Assistant. » Click Here to scan your PC for the latest BIOS and Driver Updates!

Intel's overclocking assistant in the BIOS makes Overclocking even easier if tweaking for performance and the BIOS options are a little much. Last month we mentioned that we would be discussing different BIOS settings in this space in some issues.

This doesn't really have any negative impact on the system, although if you are having problems with your floppy drive you will probably want to re-enable the seek as this makes troubleshooting some types of problems easier. Your anti-virus program installed on your system will take care of the rest of the drive.

» Click Here to scan your PC for the latest BIOS and Driver Updates! Obviously, it is a very good idea to keep this option enabled in the BIOS.

Note: You will need to enter the CMOS setup reset the date and time, and save the new date and time settings before exiting. When it is set to SETUP the security is on the BIOS Setup screens.Does your system take a little too long to boot up? Motherboard manufacturers are constantly making enhancements to the BIOS firmware and the effects can significantly improve the performance of your system.You can cut considerable time off of your boot time by tweaking the BIOS settings a bit. It can also create additional functionality, make your system less buggy, and improve overclocking performance.One of the ways is to adjust the QUICK POWER ON SELF TEST setting. Do you really want your system to test the RAM each time you boot up? BIOS updates can also be created to address something small but important, such as adding support for a higher frequency RAM or a new CPU.Let me tell you that if you have more than 265MB, then no, you don't, because the process can take minutes. It’s best to check periodically with BIOS Agent Plus to see if any new versions of your BIOS have been released.

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