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Some people, like my grandmother, think rubbing a lemon on your skin (or on dark knees or other pigmented spots) is a cheap way of getting vitamin C.However, vitamin C straight from a lemon probably isn't as easily absorbed and utilized by your skin as well-formulated C actives.This type of packaging will help extend its stability and keep it fresh.Besides having good stability, a C serum will only be effective if it is at the proper concentration and p H.I have always bought vitamin c from Amazon but this time I didn't want to spend more than ten pounds so I went for something less. The serum arrived on time or even earlier than supposed to.I am using it for nearly 2 weeks and I have to say it is very efficient.Besides, other ingredients and acids in a fresh lemon can really irritate your skin.If you are going to use a vitamin C product, it's best to use one in a form your skin can use with the least amount of irritation.

It helps slow down the aging process by preventing free radical damage.It usually takes around 6 months of consistent vitamin C use to start seeing results. There are different types of vitamin C actives and these include l-ascorbic acid, ester C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate), ascorbyl palmitate, and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.L-ascorbic acid is the most powerful one out of all of them, but it is also the one that destabilizes the easiest.Proper product formulation can extend the stability of a C serum (which is partly why vitamin C products are so expensive), but you also have to take good care of your product by storing it in a cool, dark place and re-sealing it tightly after each application.Sunlight, heat, air, water, and even time (watch those expiration dates!

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Many skin care products advertise themselves as vitamin C treatments, but a lot of times they barely have enough vitamin C in them to do anything.

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